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I am interested to hear from anybody who can offer further documented information regarding Henry Mildenhall’s Berkshire ancestory – Newbury 0r Lambourn Berkshire.

Henry MILDENHALL and Sarah FAITHFUL – Berkshire England

1. HENRY1 MILDENHALL1 was born 1823 in Berkshire England #Australian Certificates, and died 09 May 1901 in Buchan Vic – age 78 – Certificate 4911 #Headstone Buchan Cemetery1.  He married (1) ANN PETTIFER 14 Jun 1841 in Melbourne Australia – Certificate 795/Vol. 25c #Saint James Church, parish fiche 934, daughter of JOB PETTIFER and CATHERINE LAMBETH.  She was born 1819 in Bampton Oxford #Duchess of Northumberland shipping list 1841, and died 13 May 1849 in Deep Creek Vic – age 30 #St Peters Church Fische 412 28022 #Coroners Inquest Headlam Station Emu Creek Bourke Vic.  He married (2) SARAH FAITHFUL 18 Jul 1849 in St James Melb – Certificate 5419, daughter of THOMAS FAITHFUL and MARY EGGLETON.  She was born 1827 in Kintbury Berkshire England #Kintbury Parish Baptism Register, and died 02 Aug 1913 in Buchan Vic – age 86 – Certificate 8413 #Headstone Buchan  Cemetery.


I remain open-minded about two inconclusive theories regarding Henry Mildenhall’s Berkshire ancestry.

1. Born 1823 in the Registration District of Newbury – to Henry Mildenhall and Elizabeth unknown.

2. Born 1822 in Lambourn, a sub-division of the Registration District of Hungerford – to Sarah Mindenhall.

(The UK General Register Office lists the death of a Henry Mildenhall in 1841; he died in Lambourn aged 19 years. Born 1822.

Reference GRO certificate DYC505631. Vol.6. Page 135.)

The Hungerford Parish Records have been transcribed but as at 18 Jan 2010 most of the larger Newbury Parish Records have not been transcribed. Newbury was a large market town, within the Registration District of Newbury, and there were lots of baptisms there but they are not on the IGI. The census records indicate Henry Mildenhall was an uncommon name c1822.

1. Henry’s death certificate lists his parents as Henry Mildenhall and Elizabeth unknown.

The birth certificate’s of John Mildenhall, George Mildenhall and Thomas Faithful Mildenhall list Henry’s birthplace at Newbury – Certificate Informant Henry Mildenhall, father.

2. James Mildenhall’s death certificate lists his parents as Henry Palmer Mildenhall and Sarah Amelia Faithfull – Certificate informant J H Mildenhall. The IGI lists the birth for a Henry Palmer Mindenhall, born to Sarah Mindenhall, in 1822, at Lambourn.

Sarah Faithful’s Bible and nineteen Australian BDM certificates mention Sarah and Henry’s names as Sarah Faithful and Henry Mildenhall. On three Australian birth certificates Henry lists his own birthplace as Newbury.

The Mildenhall and Mackieson families had close ties in Buchan where Henry and Sarah both resided and died. George Mildenhall and Christina Crowcher both resided and died at Buchan. John Augustus Mackieson married Sarah Amelia Mildenhall. Ernest Carey Rankine Mackieson married Mary Elizabeth Mildenhall. Both marriages at Buchan.

The name Carey originates from Amelia Mackieson’s first husband Edward CAREY. Amelia’s 2nd husband was Henry PALMER, an Attorney at Law on Prince Edward Island.

John Mackieson’s diary tells of the correspondence from PEI between Amelia Palmer and the Mackiesons at Buchan.

1. Are the additional names, Amelia and Palmer, listed on James Mildenhall’s death certificate, related to confusion surrounding Henry Palmer and Amelia via the Mackiesons in Buchan or the Lambourn birth?

2. Which of the death certificates is correct – Henry Mildenhall’s death certificate or James’s Mildenhall’s death certificate?


The UK General Register Office lists the death of a Henry Mildenhall in 1841; he died in Lambourn aged 19 years. Born 1822.

Reference GRO certificate DYC505631. Vol.6. Page 135.



Sarah Faithful, daughter of Thomas Faithful and Mary Anne Eggleton, was born 1827 in Kintbury Berkshire England. It is well documented that Thomas Faithful’s parents are James Faithful and Ann Tidbury. The Faithfulls can be traced back to Richard Faithfull, son of Thomas and Joan Faithfull, who was born on 8th May 1725 and baptised on 21st May 1725 at the parish church in Kintbury. Richard married Susanna Allin on 1st August 1748 in Kintbury. Richard Faithfull witnessed James Faithful and Ann Tidbury’s marriage.

Kintbury St Mary Parish Registers Marriages

Oct 1791 – James Faithfull and Ann Tidbury both of this Parish had the Banns of Marriage duly published in this Church on Sunday the second the ninth and the sixteenth days of October Thos. Fowle Vicar

17 Oct 1791 – James Faithfull and Ann Tidbury both of this parish were married in this Church by Banns this seventeenth day of Octr in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety one by me Thos Fowle This Marriage was solemnized between us James Faithfull (his mark) Ann Tidbury (her mark). In the presence of Richard Faithfull (his mark)

1748 1st August Richard Faithfull and Susanna Allin  *

1762 27th September Jonas Faithfull and Fanny Tarrant both of this parish Licence. [NB. There was no middle name James!]   *

Ref: Parish Records, St Mary’s Church Kintbury.

1766 22nd January. Jonas Faithfull born to Jonas Faithfull & Fanny Faithfull (Tarrant)

Ref: Kintbury Parish Registers Baptisms

Early researchers linked, Kintbury born, Thomas Faithful, to Hampshire born, NSW pioneer William Faithfull and his descendants the Faithfull’s of Omeo; but extensive research in the UK failed to find any documented links between the two families.

Thomas and Mary Faithfull came to Australia on the ‘Royal Consort’ in 1844 and reportedly also on board was George Faithfull, the son of William Faithfull the pioneer, but as George Faithfull’s name does not appear on the passenger list it seems unlikely that this information is correct. The source of this theory is also unknown.



  1. yvette cheslett said,

    Hi Denise
    I am also related to Henry Palmer Mildenhall. On the Mendenhall site they have Sarah as Henry’s parent. I am to confused on which is the right one. I hope to hear from you.
    thank you yvette

    • Denise said,

      Hi Yvette

      Thank you for the comment. Unfortunately two Australian Death Certificates list different parents for Henry Mildenhall, and to my knowledge there is no further documentation to prove which certificate is correct. Both versions are feasible – I placed this blog with the hope that somebody will eventually produce further documented proof. We might have to wait until the Newbury Parish Registrations have been transcribed.

      Thanks Denise

  2. Carlene Harris said,

    Hi Denise, I am a grand daughter of Daisy Mildenhall, she was a daughter of George & Christina Mildenhall etc. I was very pleased to read your reference to Henry Mildenhall. In relation to James’s death certificate and the inclusion of second names that haven’t appeared anywhere else, I believe your comments that the informant has unknowingly confused his ancestors. From the ‘Victorian Pioneers Index’ James’s marriage to Mary Jane Hudson only gives his first name for which he would have been the informant. Also the 19 certificates you mention surely out weigh one informant.

    On a personal level, where do you fit in the family, are we able to exchange information etc.

    Cheers Carlene Harris , nee Jones (Frank Jones son of Daisy)

    • Denise said,

      Hi Carlene

      Thanks for making contact. I fit into this puzzle through my husband who is a descendant of Ernest Carey Rankine Mackieson & Mary Elizabeth Mildenhall. I am happy to share information – hopefully somebody will provide conclusive proof one of these days.

      Regards Denise

  3. Ruth Mildenhall said,

    I am great grand daughter of Thomas Mildenhall, Son of Frederick and Dinah (nee Collins) Mildenhall and grandson of John and Milley(nee Baker) Mildenhall.
    Thomas came to Australia in 1884 on the ship Aberdeen. He visited relatives in Victoria before settling in Goulburn N.S.W. I am trying to tie the two families.
    Any of the victoria mildenhalls have relative named Thomas?
    Thanks Ruth

    • Paul Clark said,

      Hi Ruth

      I am Keith Mildenhall’s grand son.He was George and Christina’s son. My mum(Christine ) did an extensive family tree years ago.
      I’m positive that Thomas was mentioned in it but i cannot remember exactly where. I will try and find all her reseach that she did. i know it went back awhile.

      Thanks Paul

      • Denise said,

        Hi Paul

        Thanks for the response. My husband Geoff McCracken is a descendant of Henry Mildenhall & Sarah Faithful. I have been researching the family for many years along with good Faithful contacts in Berkshire England. We would be thankful for any information you can offer.

  4. amanda beecher heness said,
    My great great grandfather was henry palmer mildenhall. I dont know if youve seen the pages on rootsweb but there is some history of the Mildenhalls and also an explanation of his death certificates.
    His grand daughter Annie Amelia Mildenhall married my grandfather Henry ward Beecher in 1901 in Victoria..
    Hope this helps. Amanda

  5. peter clark said,

    Hi Denise

    I am the grandson of Keith Mildenhall, I have done some research into the family over the past few years .

    Mainly was records of the Mildenhall’s that fought int the first world war but as Paul said mum (Christine) did extensive research in to the Mildenhall heritage.i believe i have some of that research in storage.

  6. Marion Mildenhall said,

    Marion Mildenhall said
    October 15, 2011

    Good evening Denise,

    I am the youngest daughter of Keith Mildenhall, I have copies of birth, death and marriage certificates as well as copies of shipping manifesto of immigrants from the UK in the 1800’s.

    Denise I have met Geoff when I was a child holidaying in Buchan with my parents. I spent some time with him and my sister. I also have a couple of copies of some old photos of the family home in Strathford. I can also tell family stories about Aunt Lizzie that my father told me.

  7. Neil Mansfield said,

    Hi All

    Henry Palmer Mildenhall is my 2nd Great Grand Uncle in Law as Sarah Faithfull’s father, Thomas Faithfull, is my Great Great Great Grandfather. I lived for some years at Sale and then Longford in Gippsland, and whilst there photographed the whole of the Briagolong, Dargo, Glenmaggie, Heyfield, Sale and Statford Cemeteries. James and Mary Jane Mildenhall are buried in separate unmarked graves at Brigolong. Charles Edward Mildenhall is buried in an unmarked grave at Sale. Thomas Henry and Mary Ann Mildenhall are buried together in a well-preserved grave – picture can be supplied on request. Elizabeth Mildenhall (nee Glover), Ella Myrtle Alphonsus Mildenhall, George Alexander Mildenhall, 2 John Henry Mildenhalls, Moses Mildenhall, Sarah Elizabeth Mildenhall (nee Poole), and 2 William John Mildenhalls are all buried at Stratford Cemetery. All have gravestones save Ella Myrtle. Again, photos can be supplied on request – just email me.

    Finally, with regard to Henry Palmer Mildenhall’s first wife, Ann Pettifer, I recently came across this exerpt on Trove (Australian Newspapers Online). It can be found by searching with just the words Mildenhall and Lubra entered in the Trove search panel. Here is the excerpt in question:

    Oddtimes my father would take a turn round with Mr. Edward Page to make a call upon Mr. George Evans, of Emu Bottom, and in one instance going off on his own, spent the night with Mr. John Slade Headlamn, of the Emu-creek station. It was at that place that Annie Mildenhall, alias .’The Lubra,’ poisoned herself with a dose of strychnine about 1849. The late Mr. David Mansfield was under the impression that she comitted suicide at ‘Tulip’s,’ but I know for a fact that that was a mistake. It is hardly worth while to make the death of a harlot a matter of history, but when one sees the very gowns that high society ladies wear recorded in printers’ ink, that shall be my’ excuse to relate the history of ‘The Lubra.’ Mildenhall was a respectable man, once living about Keilor, where my late wife’s father, Edward Winter, became acquainted with him. Afterwards he became Crier of the Court in Melbourne, and I have heard that the died quite recently in Gippsland, no doubt at a very advanced age. By what means Headlam succeeded in annexing this gay lady is not known to me, save that the husband told Winter that a squatter took her away from him. From other sources it has been gleaned that after the annexation Mildenhall met the erring Annie on Flemington race course in company with Headlam, the pair of them being on horseback, and the husband being mounted rode up to his faithless spouse and gave her a good horsewhipping. My father read out the report of the inquest, in which it was stated that the deceased was housekeeper to Mr. Headlam, but such was a gross misrepresentation, because in point of fact she was his mistress. She called here once, seated on a good horse, was well dressed, to the best of recollection a handsome woman, and my folks addressed her as Mrs. Headlam. Report had it that in one of her excursions she got lost in the bush all night-yet others said she had been at Koorakooracap enjoying the society of ‘The General.’ The circunstances under which ‘The Lubra’ held sway at the Emu-creek station indicated a low grade of morality, for Annie was figuratively Mrs. Headlam, whilst her sister, Mrs. Harry Lane, was cook in the kitchen. My father was at the station shortly after Annie destroyed herself, when he gleaned the following particulars. Some of the folks had been chaffing Headlam about a Miss White, most likely in the presence of ‘The Lubra,’ also that Mrs. Lane going into her sister’s room, found her very ill, and on being questioned she confessed to having taken strychnine. Emetics were administered, but the deadly drug had got its grip, and if Annie Mildenhall went into a world of bliss or eternal damnation, or utter annihilation, are problems that no mortal shall solve. She had been reading a novel, and when she came to one of the characters, a woman called White, she had turned down the page at the name.

    • Denise said,

      In the Sunbury area, a number of Aboriginal women are said to have found shelter in the huts of squatters Malcolm, Headlam and Jackson in the frontier years.
      Ref: Shire of Melton Heritage Study Stage One: Environmental History, June 2002.
      Mr Hedlam /Headlum departing 28 May 1841 from Launceston for Port Phillip on the “Will Watch”.

  8. Denise said,

    Hi Neil
    Thanks for the response. Annie Mildenhall’s circumstance presents a very sad story – I have a copy of her death inquest. And now an additional sadness is reported in The Sunbury News, 21 Nov 1903 – 54 years after her death.
    A report in the Argus, 15 May 1849, states Annie was in a weak state of health prior to the melancholy event, having been crippled from a paralytic disease.
    Ann Pettifer was born in Brampton Oxford England. Ann, Eleanor and Thomas Pettifer sailed to Australia aboard the Duchess of Northumberland in 1841, as assisted immigrants. Henry Mildenhall was also on board, as well as the Parnham family. Henry and Mrs Parnham paid their own fare – this information comes from a hand written shipping list. Oliver Parnham and Eleanor Pettifer witnessed the Mildenhall/Pettifer marriage.
    Henry Mildenhall and Sarah Faithful are buried at the Buchan Cemetery.

  9. Rhonda Coates said,

    Just found your Blog Denise and found it really interesting. I do however, need to clarify one point….I am a descendant of the John Wallace Mackieson not Christine and George Mildenhall. I am related to the Mildenhall familiy through marriage.

    • Denise said,

      Hi Rhonda – Sorry about the error I have just edited & deleted.

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