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Thomas Faithful, his wife Mary nee Eggleton, and their family immigrated to Australia in 1843 – 1844. They sailed aboard the Royal Consort.

I am posting this blog with the hope that somebody can authenticate any of the various stories that are circulating in regard to one of the Faithfull brothers (sons of NSW pioneer William Faithfull) being on board the Royal Consort with Thomas Faithful and his family when the ship arrived at Port Phillip in 1844. To date there are three very different versions of this story. Also can anybody authenticate a relationship between Thomas Faithful from Berkshire and NSW pioneer William Faithfull.

1. About 1981 Brian Faithfull placed an account into the vertical file at the GSV:-

Thomas & Mary migrated to Australia & arrived on “The Royal Consort” in 18.2.1844…….. Also on the ship was William Pitt son of William Faithfull Australian Pioneer who was born in 1774 in Hampshire. The original source of this story is unknown.

 2. Publication “The Faithfulls of Omeo” also included the story :-

In 1844 George is recorded as arriving in Melbourne on the Royal Consort with another family of Faithfulls headed by Thomas and Mary. George could have joined the ship in Sydney. The relationship between George and the others is unclear as George’s Father’s origins are unknown. However, it seems likely that a tie of some kind must have existed – perhaps they were cousins. The original source of this story is unknown.

3. The third version of this story offers a new slant:-

Moses and Johanna Faithfull came from England in 1860. Moses was a cousin of George Faithfull of Wangaratta Station and the same Faithfull who tried to overland stock to Melbourne but was turned back by hostile aborigines near Seymour. George knew his cousin was to arrive in Melbourne and he took a boat from Sydney to meet the family when the boat arrived. The original source of this story is unknown.

It is highly unlikely that either of the Faithfull brothers boarded the Royal Consort. The ship sailed from Cork to Australia without making any stops, it sailed the Clipper Route that approaches Port Phillip via Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria. If the Royal Consort called at Sydney it would have been after calling at Port Phillip. George Faithfull is not listed in the Royal Consort’s hand written shipping list and notes.

The third version is also incorrect because 8 year old Moses Faithful was aboard the Royal Consort, in 1844, along with his family – he married Johanna at St James’ Melbourne in 1857. He did not arrive from England in 1860.

If Thomas Faithful from Berkshire is related to NSW pioneer William Faithfull the  information circulated to me does not show any links:-

  • Nobody knows who William Faithfulls parents are.
  • William’s origin has been linked to the Fortescue Faithfulls – William Fortescue Faithfull, seemingly he dropped the Fortescue name when he came to Australia.
  • William was born about 1774. His place of origin in England is not yet known, although it may have been Hampshire. One family story suggests that he may have left home after an argument with one of his parents.

The strange thing about the stories trying to relate the Berkshire Faithfuls and the NSW pioneer Faithfulls is that nobody knows where the information is coming from, nothing is authenticated and the source is unknown. William Faithfull’s parents are unknown – that is the only definite information I have.

I would be interested to hear from anybody who can authenticate or offer further information in regard to these stories.


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